Remarkable Stills

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Introducing the 1st release of the series.

Distilled in 1973, this liquid has been matured for 45 years and finished in an oloroso sherry cask.

Only 200 individually numbered bottles have been released, making this one of our rarest expressions to date.

Our stills

Invented in the 1950’s by Duncan Thomas
and installed in 1965.

Our straight neck pot stills were designed to include still head cooling at the top of the neck that gives us the ability to vary the type of spirit produced.

This is achieved by taking the spirit off using either a wide spirit cut without the still head cooling or a narrow spirit cut with the still head cooling.

This approach allows for greater separation of flavours as the spirit works harder when the liquid moves between the plates, enabling the fruitier characteristics to develop, which is key to our distillery profile.

100% of the spirit used in this release is from the narrow cut and this cut also has the effect of giving us a triple distillation character from a double distillation process.

Duncan Thomas invented the style of still for this purpose as he also owned Littlemill Distillery and the original spirit produced was a triple distilled liquid, that had the added benefit of developing a fruitier underlying character.

Our straight neck pot stills have only ever been used at Littlemill and Loch Lomond Distilleries, making the profile of our liquid truly unique.

Maturation and finishing

Aged in a selection of
American and European oak.

Loch Lomond Distillery is one of only four distilleries in Scotland to have an on-site cooperage.

We select the finest wood to age our whiskies and the 1st release of this series is aged in a re-fill American oak cask, then finished in an oloroso sherry cask at our on-site warehouses in Alexandria.

Single malt whisky produced at Loch Lomond Distillery has an underlying fruity tone that is known as our distillery’s signature and Michael Henry, our Master Blender, ensures that each component in the process works to highlight this.

The oloroso sherry cask chosen for this release complements the fruity tones with an additional sherry characteristic, resulting in a final spirit that is truly special.

Tasting notes

Bottled at 42.2% and

Nose: Very floral – orange blossom and honeysuckle with ripe peach and melted brown sugar.

Palate: Opens on a honeyed sweetness, orchard fruit of red apple and pear before the intensity lifts to tropical fruit of melon and kiwi with lime citrus.

Finish: Long with tart green fruit, gooseberry, and waves of warming cinnamon spice.

Packaging Design

Craftsmanship at every stage.

Every bottle is sandblasted, filled with copper and sealed with an embossed wooden cork that contains an engraved metal band. The label is constructed from debossed copper and hand applied at the last stage of production.

The bottle is then enclosed in a handmade, beautifully crafted oak wood box that has been stained and combined with a metallic element.

Two halves of the pack are then joined together to form a graphic depiction of our straight neck pot still.

Our Remarkable Stills are the key component
that have allowed us, and will continue to allow us,
to produce world class single malt Scotch whisky.

The whisky in this 1st release is a celebration of our truly Remarkable Stills.